Bender reflection

24 07 2005
The last few days i have been in a hostel, made up entirely of french speakers.. In retrospect i should have changed hostel, but i figured at the time english speakers would move in and i would just hang with them, this didn´t happen. The guys in my room were friendly but it´s hard when you don´t speak the same language. I did make friends with these two american guys from MIT and spent a bit of time hanging out with them, went on a pub crawl with them which was heaps of fun. Met some friendly fins too. Anyway the french guys in my room had one focus – to pull as many chicks as possible. It was just so blatant that was all they came to barcelona for. It made me think about what i want from this trip. I wrote this the other day after a bender with the american boys (i´m always very sappy and reflective after a bender):
Many guys i have met are simply out there to party and pull chicks. Thats fine if thats all they want, but i want something more from a trip abroad then drinking beer and chasing girls. I can do that back home. It seems silly now, but I think that subconsciously i was hoping that sometime on this trip i would see something beutiful or meet some fascinating/wise person and all of a sudden something inside me would click, and i would just be enlightened. But now I don´t think that travel is intrisicly enlightening. Talking to many other travelers it´s obvious that travel alone does not lead to personal insight.    So what else do i want from this trip. It´s more than just being able to say i´ve travelled around the world, although that is a part of it. When i look back on my life, i want to be able to say i lived it well. I don´t wanna look back and say ´man i coulda done so much more´.  But it´s not just so i can say i´ve been places. I´ve met people like that, people that spend lots of their time talking about where they´ve been, or where they are going. An example is those people who can be right in front of something beutiful and all they talk about is how it reminds them of some other time they were somewhere else, or how it´s good but wait for this thing in the future (i´m hearing that alot from other tourists on the road). They often strike me as lacking substance.

I have a feeling that when i meet up with the boys, this trip will be a holiday not a journey. That will be great, it will be wild times and great memories. But beyond that , what else will i take away from this period?




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