just into barcelona

24 07 2005

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ok i need a sit down. Ie just been walking for ages with my big ass backpack killing my shoulders. may as well update. Well I´m now in barcelona at the hostel newyork whh appears to be knda crap. Yesterday i went to the alcazar in seville. It was quite prett but was the same kind of stuff as at the alhumbra, but not as spectacular. Still the gardens and Castle were nice. Had a sesta out in the gardens and then wen for a wander through the streets just rubber-necking. Then Wen´t to the museum of fine arts. Looked at a heap of paintings by famous peoplAlthough some of the paintings there were massive and they all dated from the 13th to 16th century. The place they were housed in was beutifully done too. Again Iĺl post photoś when i get a decent computer. e. I don´t think i really appreciate the whole art thing. I mean i don´t look at paintings and go wow. I´m more impressed by ideas. Anyway on the way back i treated myself to a traditional andalucian meal when i found a cheap plaec inhabied by locals. first off piaya and then some fish that was awesome. Then bak to the hostel pak my things and off to the train station to catch the night train to barcelona. Got here and wondered around trying to work out how the hell to get to my hostel. The directions only gave me the nearest station and the address, thanfully i almost know enough spanish to ask people how to get somewhere and almost understand ther replies now. I thought more people would speak english though!

Oh the flamenco the other night was free and amazing. It was at a rather touristy place and when i first saw the lady i didn thnk she be much chop as it looked like the owner and perhaps his daughter and she was fat. But man she was the most incredible dancer! Anywa afer a while there was some old fart who been yelling óle´ for a while and they invited him up on stage to do some flamenco, he joined in with another girl and they did flameno, the old man was pissed as a fart but wasn´t bad then he nearly fell over which was kinda funny and you see him think ók i"m a bit more pissed than i thought, time to stop and mid dance he calls in his granddaughter (who was gorgeous) and she jumps up and takes his place dancing with the pro dancer. It was great improvisation , fun and intimate and improvsational the way flamenco probably was before it became a tourist attraction. Im glad i saw that rather than pay to see a profesional show where none of that would ever have happened.

Anyway now i rested time to go and explore barcelona!




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