24 07 2005

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Ok well i’m writing this whilst still recovering from the night before. I got into Malaga after a mamoth 26 hourts on a plane. I had no idea where i was going but somehow managed to find my hotel in the middle of the city from the airport *no mean feat gfiven that the place has no sighn out the front!(. Anyway moving from australia where the oldest buildings i’ve seen are say… 200 years old or there abouts… As soon as i walk out of this hostel i can see the alazcaba, a 10’000 year old fortress built when the Muslims ruled spain… I went and checked it out yesterday and it’s awesome, hard to believe that something so impressive could be built so long ago. Weather in Malaga is beutiful about 26 degree’s with a cool sea breeze. And this palace was wonderful. Then when i came back i was really jetlagged and collapsed on a bed. I woke about 11.30pm .. just in time to go out in spain. A big group from the hostel were heading out and were being shown where to go by the managers of the hostel who were coming out too (best hostel managers!( anyway wen’t out with them. The bar we wen’t to served free tapas (a spanish snack that can be weird and wonderful food) with every beer! I got well inebriated and quite full with the guys from the hostel – great people. Today onwards to Granada weher the wonders of the alhambra await.




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