more photo´s

24 07 2005
Ok the phoo´s here are Gaudi´s Sagrada Familia, One building at Guell Park, The falmenco dancer i saw and the museum of fine arts in Seville.

i´m using a computer which doesn´t let me edit photo´s so some of these are sideways.
Today i´ll check out the painters of barcelona, – picasso and dali. Althougfh i´m a bit over paintings… I kinda look at it and go "yup, it´s a painting…. " and thats about it, although i´m making an effor to appreciate picasso. Architecture is different though. Yesterday wen´t out to the sagrada familia gaudi´s masterpeice in progress. The man was a genius. I may not be able to appreciate painting, but gaudi architecture is something else. It´s weird and wacky and amazing to see. After that walked to guell park and which gaudi planned and again awesome. So far pretty much everyday i´ve seen somethign which has amazed me, and made me realise how lucky i am to be here doing this trip.




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