Picasso and Art (rant)

24 07 2005

Friday, July 22, 2005

Ok i feel the need to write something.
Firstly i went to the picasso museum today and i´ve decided that if you want to learn about a painter buy a book. Don´t go to the museums! I´ve been to two museums dedicated entirely to picasso now and i still haven´t seen the work that made him famous. This is apparently ´the´picasso museum, anyway all starts off well with a nice biography of his development up to about the age of 20. Now i can appreciate he´s good up to this point, he´s still emulating the classic painters. Anyway just as he´s about to experiment with cubism the exhibit jumps ahead 50 years. and all of a sudden it´s just totally different and i mean really different – the stage where he´s trying to emulate the drawing of a child. Theres a 50 year gap in what the museum shows. I thought i´d bugered up the order of the rooms or something and when i asked they told me that all the work from that period is in other museums. So now after going to two museums i still haven´t seen most of the work that made him famous or a logical progresion of his style. – conclusion if you want to learn about art, don´t go to a museum- read a book. With a book you also get a comentary with every picture rather than having to try and decipher it yourself as well.
In all seriousness i have just developed a new appreciation of books. Because i don´t think i really understand art, and to be honest i don´t have the time to learn. I mean it´s just not a useful thing to learn about, if one has no intrinsic interest. The whole modern art thing strikes me as a wankfest. I think picasso was probably brilliant. But interestingly alot of his work is similar to the paintings done by manics and also schizophrenics i´ve seen at mental asylums. The same use of bright colour and disjointed reality. I also think picasso opened the door wide for a whole heap of wankers to call themselves artists. And sit around admiring each others crap. I . I always thought it was because i just didn´t understand art. But now i realise it´s more than that. I now have a rudimentary understanding of Picasso´s work and his early stuff is relatively straight forward, and i can estimate the perioud in which he drew somethign to within about 3 years (was practicing at the museum). I know have a good idea of his life and its fair to say i probably understand his early stuff to some degree. But who cares! Because you need a serious amount of time to even begin to understand this art properly. And i don´t gain pleasure out of standing in front of a picture trying to work out what the hell is going on and what represents what. Art has value in it´s ability to move someone. And the fact is that if some art only appeals to pretentious wankers with nothing better to do than sit around looking at pictures and congratulating themselves on the big words they can use to describe each others crap and looking down on those without the time to look into it – then thats fine for those people but i don´t want any part of it. Not saying all art is like that (i went to the museum of fine arts in seville and those paintings can be appreciated by the common person) – but alot of modern stuff seems to be. In contrast idea´s change everything. They aim to clarify rather than obscure. And they have meaning, utility and power. For example the ideas of religion which are the cause for all the beutiful buildings and all the historyi have been lucky enough to appreciate so far on this trip.For me personally, i would rather appreciate and evaluate an idea than a painting.




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24 07 2005
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heyzpretty interesting…art can b coolkewl space u got herecya, ashps green day ok!!!!!!!!!!!

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