Seville bad –start beautiful city

24 07 2005

Monday, July 18, 2005

Ok, yesterday i decided to go and see the capilla real in granada. Unfortunately in spain everything shuts at 1pm and i had to wait till 4pm for it to reopen. AS a result of this i purpoisely missed my bus to seville thinking i would just catch the next one as the lonely planet said there were 16 buses a day. Unfortunatly the next bus didn’t come until 8pm which meant iu didn’t get to seville untill 11pm. When i got to seville everything was shut. The directions i had to get to my hostel said take bus 32 to the end ot \f the route. Well it turns out in retrospect THERE IS NO BUS 32! IT’s supposed to be 22 – stupid people. But anyway as i got in it was 11pm i weant to talk to the information guy whos stall was open after finding out he didn’t talk english i tried to converse with him in spanish (i’ve actually picked up enough to have basic conversations now but they’re are very very rudimentrary and i need lotsa hand gestures._ he didn’t even try and then shut the blind in my face after not even a minute. So there i was not knowing where to go. I asked around on thestreet and one nice lady shoed me to a bus tstation which wen’t suposedly near where i was trying to go. I got on and again had language problems with the driver, i asked someone else to tell him i wanted to go to plaza nuvea. He translated and all appeared well. The bus driver gestured for me to get off the bus at one stop so i did, I then walked around only to find i wasn’t at plaza nuvea but plaza grande. I had no idea where plaza grande was but the streets were dessreeted it was 11.45pm at night and the busses had stopped running. I tried to get a taxi but couldn’t find one… Eventually i managed to get a taxi , i was worried about them driving all over the city and over charging me but i thnk the guy took me straight there. But he didn’t take me to the hostel coz he didn’t konw where it was so only to the area. Finally about 1am i found the hostel i was scared they’d be closed at this time but can you believe it they were still open! So anyway i’ve skimmed over but it was a real ordeal gettting there.. That said it i’m fine about it now.

Today though i went to seville’s cathedral. It’s HUGE! and beutiful (the largest gothic and 3rd largest cathedral in the world) and there is just so much to see. There are tons of famous paintings/sculptures/ by gothic and renaisance artists (ps. i know my spelling isn’t the greatest and punctuation is bad but i’m using a spanish keyboard so cut me some slack). And lots of beutiful goldfden chalices /miscelanours jewlery there were statues made of silver and the whole place was just beutiful. The only disapointment i have is that the photo’s can never really capture the true beuty/experience of the place they only provide rudimentary visual cues for my memoryhow it actually felt to be there at the time.
Anyway now i’m going to head out to the alazcabar and tonight i’m going to check ousome flamenco. I’ll upload photo’s for the alhumbra and the cathedral when i get on a faster computer. Ps, seeing as you can’t leave comments on this blog i’ll probably change it’s location soon but in the mean time if you want you can email. me. My email address is




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