Tom’s World Trip.. The prelude (aka bloody Canberra)

24 07 2005


Ok well this is where i’m going to be posting info about my adventures and mishaps guys. Saves me bugging you all the time with emails if your not interested…

Ok first off Why the hell was i in Canberra?
Well you all know i have a penchant for leaving things to the last minute.. My excuse was that i was focusing on exams… which i had also (suprise suprise) left to the last minute… Anyway after my exams i went in to pay for my ticket andfound out that contrary to what i though a UK working visa takes 3 weeks to get not 1. I’d left my run too late. After a prolonged "Oh Crap!" moment, i wondered what the hell i was gonna do.. I wen’t through every option but the only way i could get a visa before leaving was to fly to Canberra and speak to the British Consulate in person!

So I found myself a cheap flight and flew to Canberra just to get my visa! All though at first i was flabbergasted at actually having to fly to canberra just to hand in a form, it wasn’t all bad. Actually it was pretty good.. I’ve never been to Canberra before but the pan was to fly up in the morning, get the visa and come back on the bus in the evening…

Anyway I got to the british consulate handed in my forms/paid fee’s etc and had a few hours to kill until my visa was ready so me and this girl i met at the airport (also looking for the british consulate because left visa too late) decided to go check out parliament. I actually found it really interesting. But then we freaked out when we wen’t to leave parliament and had to rush back to the consuate before it closed and found that there were no taxi’s. If the consulate closed we were both screwed (We’d both have to stay overnight and it woulda just sucked that we flew all the way to canberra to get a visa and failed..) We’d left it too late! We called up a taxi, but they weren’t coming. We were considering paying some random to take us to the consulate when finally one came. That was a hella nervouse taxi ride. We got into the consulate with exactly 2 minutes to spare! After picking up our visa’s we went to the war memorialand Julie left from there. I found te museum part quite interesting but what was really moving was the walls with the lists of names of all those australians who had died at war.. War is such a horrible thing.. I can’t believe i wanted to be in the army. Another thing i found interesting was the mural in the chapel of the unknown soldier (see picture) it’s an interesting juxtaposition these figures were so glorified, made to look like heavenly saints while in reality war is such a horrible and godless act. Anyway, now i have my visa – soonn….. ONWARDS TO EUROPE!!!




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