Whoa! – synchronicity in Granada

24 07 2005
Friday, July 15, 2005


Ok Well after a big night in Malaga wen´t out the next day to the picasso museum. I understand he was brilliant. But i guess i don´t appreciate his progression because to me it looks really similar to the paintings i´ve seen done by manics and schizophrenics. Especially towards the end of this life. But who am i to judge.Then caught a bus up to Granada booked into a great hotel and then Had one of those experiences which just makes you think about the world.
I travel to the other side of the world – and bump into Sarah Lesly and Jules!!! Whoa… Freaky… We both kinda just couldn´t believe it. Neither of us knew the other was going traveling and it just so happened we booked into the same hotel. Serious Jungian synchronicity happening here. talking avidly for a while we wen´t out and walked the streets of granada. Then back to the hotel for a tapas tour. Again free tapas with every beer(A small plates worth of a spanish dish – i had spanish octupus, and a few other strange things i didn´t know what i was eating – i wanted to try the bulls tail but forgot the spanish name for it so I was just ordering randomly) Ended up drinking alot of beer and eating alot of tapas.. Was a great day. Now i have to run, get ready to go see the alhumbra..




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