Seville and the pick-pocket

27 07 2005
I´m writing this now in sunny San Sebastian. A gorgeous town near the border of france. Although there´s not that many sights here (you know theres not much to see when lonely planet lists their top ´sight´as an aquarium), it´s a gorgeous city with beautiful old buildings, clean streets and nice beaches. The international jazz festival has been on so i´ve been baking  on the beaches during the day and then chilling with people from the hostel, drinking, talking and listening to the free jazz concerts on the beach every night. I´m heading on to Madrid tonight on yet another overnight bus. It saves me having to pay for a nights accomadation and i don´t mind the drives. 
On the way out of barcelona someone tried to pick-pocket me! I had just stepped onto a really crowded train on the way to the bus terminal. I stood out a mile with my huge-ass backpack, marking me a tourist. Anyway i didn´t feel his hand in my pocket, but i did feel his jacket (heavy jacket when it was a 30 degree day) which with his other hand he used to conceal what he was doing to on-lookers. I turned before he had a chanceto get my wallet and he just stood their looking caught.  I thought about making a little bit of a scene (by knocking him out) but decided against it, as he hadn´t got my wallet and i would have just made trouble for myself. So i stood their greasing him off and he stood their looking shifty and at the next stop he got off very quickly (aided by a little shove on his way). Luckily I´d been very wary whilst in barcelona and when i saw how crowded the train was i had moved my wallet from the pocket he tried to pick, to my front backpack…
Anyway the spanish adventures are nearly at an end, on the 31st I fly out to London and then on to Dubrovnic to meet up with the boys from uni. Should be awesome 🙂 .



One response

28 07 2005

u should have KO\’d that sucka, would have been gold. then u rob him of all the other wallets he has pinched during the day!!!!!Good to hear ur having fun still man!

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