More photo´s

30 07 2005
Ok guys i´ve just been able to add some more photo´s. There were heaps of tiems i´ve wanted to take photo´s but it would have been rude downright dangerous to do so. Anyway they´re up now. Don´t have time for a long entry suffice to say at the moment i´m visiting museums and thinking by day and going out and having a wild time with people from all over the world at night. 🙂



One response

31 07 2005

dude, sounds like ur having a fantastic time over there man, i am sooo envious of you!!When i get to america, we need to hook up a time to sit down on msn and have a LONG ASS chat man! i miss you duder!Stay yourself and have a fantastic time without getting urself in trouble, and i know you will, so at least dont get arrested!Be safe bro!Much love, scotty

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