Croatia and Slovenia update

20 08 2005

Havent written in this for a while now. Its been harder whilst i’ve been with the boys and also ive been trying to sort out a whole lot of stuff with my uni. Basically i had 6 units to do in 2nd semester which would have been a pain to do and affected my grades for postgrad, so ive been trying to sort out a better way to do it – this has been really hard because ive been cut off from the university system. Someone in my family (they know who they are) didnt return a book and this has made my life very difficult. So ive been working away emailing lecturers and searching for similar units i can do by distance education.Anyway finally got something sorted out now and if it all pans out i wont need to be back for first semester of uni! Hopefully…Thats not to say i wont be back because the money run out or something else, but it does give me some options anyway.

I’ve been in ljublana the last few week sorting out a whole heap of problems that keep pestering me from back in australia. Its been a perfect place to do this as its only 5 euro a night and the internet is free. AlsoIts a beautiful old city with pine forrest creeping in to the city. I was here with the boys for a few days but they have now gone on to Hungary. It was good tocatch up with the guys but i think we want very different things from our trips, and also when i had another look at my intenerary i had only given myself3 weeks to do netherlands, france and italy – not enough at all considering how much their is to see in these countries. I’ll catch up with them again for octoberfest which will be good and then be seeing a fair bit of them again in England.


 Ok a brief update on whats been going on : Besides the last week in ljublana taking care of stuff for home ive also been out to the scojan caves, which are some of the most famous caves in europe . The caves stretched on for 20km, we took a little train through the caves and then got out and did a tour then back on the train again to get out. Was a dangerous ride for me as the train was going fast and as i was rubbernecking at all the rock formations -outcrops would pass jsut above my head (all the shorter people on the train were fine). Also these weird little pink lizards which can live for 100 years and can live without food for 10 years! Also the day after the guys left i met another interesting and very inteligent american guy -after checking out the castle that overlooks ljublana and its very informative video about the history of the town(during which i fell asleep about 12 times), we had a great night out at a hooker bar. No its not as perverted as it sounds – a hooker bar is a turkish bar that serves kebabs and where you go and smoke sheisha  through a hooker (kinda like a party bong). I got a theory on why i’m finding the americans so interesting but i’ll save it for another time.


 15/8 Revovered from the big night the night before highlight being dodgem cars – low point was probably falling asleep in a secluded area of the club – i wasnt even that drunk! Today was a great day to be leaving Pug, it was pouring rain and we jumped on a bus to rijeka and then on to ljubjiana late that night.


11/8-14/8 Pug Came to Pug from Split. Pug is not in the lonely planet and hence there are hardly any english/aussie/american backpackers here which is good. However theres lots of germans around the place. Pug was nice and relaxed, we eventually found a nice house to stay in and we spent most of the time lazing on the beach, playing cards and going out.


 10/8 Split Came here from Hvar, much nicer city for me. Easy to find good accomadation (thanks to alex speaking croatian), prices about 1/3 of those in hvar. Better beach than any i saw on Hvar and great food – we all shelled out after eating rabbit food on hvar – i got an extralarge plate of squid and roasted vegetables drank a few 1/2 litre beers and finished it off with choclate pancakes. was damn good.


7/8-9/8 Hvar – traveled from split to hvar-  the crappest part of the whole trip for me – there were a number of reasons for this. One of these was that i got in there at 11am and was no exageration trying to find accomadation until 8pm. It was PACKED! finally found something. The next day alex came along and it was awesome to catch up with him. I snuck him into my room because there simply was no accomadation elsewhere.  We went out that night and partied till dawn at a castle that had been converted into a club.However when it came time to leave the next day, the old lady who ran the place had been into our rooms – worked out their were two people their and kidnapped our books as ransom! Luckily alex was able to smooth talk the old lady in croatian and we sorted it all out – he still had to pay for a night sleeping on the floor, but we got our books back. Our time was up at this place and we couldnt find any more accomadation, and were getting sick of hvar anyway so we caught a ferry back to split.

Ok so thats a brief overview of what ive been doing. Reading it again it seems dry but otherwise this would be a too big an (even by my standards).




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