Skofja Loka

20 08 2005
Today i went out to a little town called skofja Loka – partly because someone said it was good and partly because it wasnt in the lonely planet. Slovenia on the weekends tends to get really touristy and packed – so i was hoping to avoid to at least some of the crowd..
It was an absolutely gorgous town and the people in slovenia are so friendly. When i got off i was a fair way from the old town and didn’t know how to get there – the people i asked for directions offered to drive me there! It was a five minute drive but would have taken me a fair while. This isnt the first random act of kindness to a tourist in slovenia – the other day i accidently called a mobile number from a phone card – a random guy saw this happen and lent me his mobie to call back this mobile number! Little things like that have given me a really positive feeling for the people of slovenia. Walking through skofja loka is like walking through a postcard. Everywhere i looked was just gorgeous. Loved walking through this town – and for some reason there was no tourists there! Probably because its not in the lonely planet. Grogeous city, gorgeous backdrop (the Julian alps), plenty to see (churches and museums) , friendly people and no tourists – definetly my favorite town so far.

Anyway theres a que waiting for this computer so wont write any more. Ill post the photos for slovenia soon.




One response

21 08 2005

hi, I dont know how you feel about complete strangers reading your personal insights into the world let alone them then being audacious enough to write to you but I thought I\’d give it a go anyway and say hi. Just thought you might be interested to know I have read a few blogs (just dicovered them) and have been somewhat disappointed until stumbling across yours… I find so many people take the time to sit and write something about their lives and what they think about things only to wind up saying not really anything at all. So I just wanted to say thankyou, you are refreshingly honest about how things appear to you and your wit spices it all nicely. Have an awesome time… I hope you find that depth you are looking for in your journeys and dont forget to share!!!!Smile from sunny Aust, Jillian.

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