italy :)

25 08 2005

alright im now in italy and wont be updating much as internet costs a packet!! definetly not enough time for any reflections. I only have 5 imnutes left to write an enttry after responding to emails (thanks guys). Thankyou also to those people i dont know personallz who are reading the blog and lettimg me know what thez think – i appreciate it! Anyway Italy is great and interesting completely unexpected things are happening every day. I had a great time in venice even though the weather was not the best. Im now in florence and i love it already – random interesting stuff just seems to happen all the time. For example for example last night i was sitting looking out over florence with a bottle of wine (or three) on a balmy night with two english models – listening to two scottish folk singers jam with the best beatboxer i’ve ever heard (doing all the razel stuff singing and beat at same time)- was just an amazing.  Unfortunately i dont have time to write anything more interesting as internet costs an arm and a leg here. Ok i have my last minute of internet so have to go… but am loving italy at the mment!





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