Travels trhough Italy – Vencice, Florence Rome

30 08 2005
Im now in rome and its amazing! Absolutely love it here! So much to do and see! So much history.Theres no way i can do it all so i’ll have to come back sometime again i already know it. Today i went to St. Peteres Basilica in vatican city and then to the sistine chapel. Its just amazing. The I was there from 11 to 5pm. Yesterday i checked out Santa Maria Maggiore Bascilica and the crypt of the cappucin munks.  When a capucin monk dies rahter than burrying the body all of their bones are used to decorate the walls of the crypt. So the walls were lined with skulls, held in place by arm bones, fences made of leg bones, mumified monks  in skeletal thrones.
At the very last sepulchre there is a sign saying "What you are now we once were, what we are now you will be".  a chilling reminder of ones mortality.
Tomorrow im checking out the catacombs and also doing allthe ancient stuff here in rome the pantheon, colloseum,spanish steps etc. Rome is the kind of city where you get lost and still winde up at a fascinating *thats what happened to me a few times anyway.
Italy keeps on getting better – before rome, florence was my favorite city so far, now rome has eclipsed it.
Florence was also amazing – spent the first day just roaming the streets gawking at the different types of architecture and sculpture and just getting a feel for the city. Next day i took a walking tour and i definetly have to recomend them – i learned about renaisance and middle age architecture, the spats between Da Vinci and Michaelangelo the history florence and the meddici’s – definetly worth it and ive decided i will shell out for walking tours from now on. Nex day wne to pitti palace – the home of the medicis*who ruled florence) and had a squiz at painings by the likes of Titian, rafael, carrevegio etc. Also wondered through the meddici residence – in a word extravagant. While in Florence i spent a fair bit of time with two english girls who i met after we both missed our train into florence. They were cool to hang out their and on the first night we were there we listened to the maddest beatboxer jamming it up with two scottish folk singers. The kind of experience you can never predict which makes me feel so lucky to be traveling.
Venice was also really cool – however i definetly liked florence and rome better.This probably had somethign to do with the rainy weatheri had there which was rainy and fickle.Although probably more to do with the cynical view towards tourists i experienced their. I mean of course the whole sity is now designed for tourists but their were a few little things which made me feel that they were just blatantly trying to milk us for all we were worth. For example no seats anywhere in venice – not even in the main bus terminal. The only reason i can think of for this was so that if you wanted to sit down, you had to sit down at a cafe. Now not only do you then have to buy a drink – but they charge you a couple of euro for the privilige of sitting down – so costs the equivalent of $5 aussie just to parkyour bum. Little things like that tainted venice for me – although still wonderful is not as easy to fall for as florence or Rome. Venice is like that super gorgeous (but superficial)  woman you meet , who knows it and milks it for all its worth – guaranteed to burn a hole in your wallet. 
Anyways im going to spend another day or two in Rome and then go down to Naples which is supposed to be a very differen t kind of city altogether. Then up to the Cinque Terra which has been the highlight of europe for a number of people i know. After that im not sure whether to head up through to France via Monaco, or Swing through to Austria and Hungary and a short stint in Poland before going to munich to catch up with the boys again for oktoberfest.



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30 08 2005

hey man! sounds fantastic! Did u find venice to be a stinking sess pool?/ i didnt liek it when i went, it smells foul and it just looks polluted!Agree on florence being beautiful, never been to rome, so sounds liek i must at some stage in my life!that is cool how tourists, no matter where they are from will immediately start talking to someone simply because they can relate, and with that comes a completely different peroson to anyone you have ever met b4!That happened to me in central park! Met a dude from south africa! Just had a chat and stuff! it is cool!I Think, that if not for you, for me, u HAVE to go to octoberfes6 tommy boy! It would be a magic experience! Where in germany is it held or is it just EVERYWHERE?/ i have heard some octoberfests r just rampant sex orgiues, in which case, u know u need to dedicate that length of the trip to urs truly!Hope all is continuing to be fantastic, love hearing about ur stuff bro!Love scotty

1 09 2005

Hey you stranger!! I got onto your lil web thingy from Scotty\’s!! Just a quick note, im at work so i havent had a chance to read ur thingies but i had a quick flick through your photos and im jealous. It looks like you are having an amazing time….I hope all is well, i just thought id say hey seeing as i havent seen you in frigign ages…prob cuz ur on the other side of the world!! Take care babe xxx love laney

5 09 2005

Hey, i dont know you im a friend of scotts and i was bored so did a little exploring and came up here. I am jealous of all you jetsetters, i wish i could go and do something amazing such as backpack around europe. it sounds like you are having a awsome time. You have a cool blog and i enjoyed reading it, like i was almost there myself.anyway, since i dont really know you at all, maybe it is strange i am leaving comments on your blog. meh, hey, who cares right.keep having fun and go to a rampant sex orgy that is octoberfest for scotty.

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