Naples Pompei and Herculean

6 09 2005
Well Ive been having an awesome few days.
I spent another day in Rome and went on an really good walking tour – saw the circus maximus, mouth of truth, palantine hill, pantheon, jewish quarter, colloseum, place where julius caesar was killed,piazza venecia (where all roads in italy lead) and the worlds first shopping mall (which had a brothel where men could go for a quickie whilst their wives  were shopping for shoes – seriously! and was taken over by nuns- of course inevitable that a bunch of women would take over a shopping mall). Saw all of that on a walking tour which was great to get the historical and mythical background and humerous stories for all of these sites. Tour guide was really good and learned heaps of interesting random facts about ancient and modern rome. For example did you know that stray cats are protected in rome and that if you find a cat on your car/seat it is illegal to shoo the cat off – but by law one must gently verbally ask the cat to move! Emperor Nero first castrated a man and married him, then married another man at the same time, then got rid of both of them and married a horse! Then tried to get the horse made a roman citizin and to sit in on senate hearings. Emperors were getting up to all kinds of hillarious shinanigins. Anyway the tour was excellent and Rome is just amazing.
I came to Naples yesterday and its a different city alltogether, their is trash and crime everywhere you look. When going out at night, the owner of the hostel gave us a lecture on leaving all our valuables at home and how to protect the girls from getting their bags snatched. Also im not wearing my watch out here as it gets too much attention. That said the people in the south are more relaxed and warm than their northern cousins. And the food ischeap and  DELICIOUS!!! Last night i went to the pizzeria that invented the calizone back in 1936 and is a contender for the best pizzeria in the world, at the advice of a local working at my hostel. Packed out with locals.The calizone filled with buffallo cheese, tomato and ham was just so so so bloody good.. mmm.. i can still taste it. Ate another fritta pizza at a restaurant again recomeded by a local and again amazing.
Today i went out to pompei – a city where everyone was killed by a volcanic eruption from nearby Mt. Vesuvius – this happened 2000 years ago but the volcanic ash preserved the buildings so you can still walk through the ruins. Also went to Herculeneum which is not as large as pompei – just a small village but the buildings are much better preserved and was able to walk through the intact buildings rather than ruins, really amazing place.



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