8 09 2005
Caught the night train to Vienna from Milan got in dumped mz bags and hit the town. Dedicated most of the first daz to freud – went to the freud museum which is in his old house. Wasnt that impressive and would have been a dead bore or about 3 minutes worth of stuff to see if you wernt into freud in a big way. Still i found some of it interesting. Then i went to have a coffee at the cafe freud used to go to and sat in the seat he used to sit in. Oh one small detail along the way – i got my head shaved. I have a few reasons for doing  that. Im aware im not writing as much on the meaning side of the trip in the blog recently – thats because it sounds wanky and alot of it is deeply personal and I  also dont have the time or internet resources to write it twice. Ive resigned myself to the age old inefficient art of handwriting (even though its slow, messy and inefficient), and have been writing a journal for a little while now. Anyway then wentwalking arodn the city just observing buildings and people. Before heading back and going out for dinner with Rick and Jason.
Today i started by heading out to the funky museum quarter. Where a heap of bohemians and artists just hang out between all these art galleries and museums. Went to the Leopold museum and was seriously impressed. Klimt is a very good artist and Egon Schiel is amazing – by far my favorite artist – his stuff is awesome and actually does look better in real life (included some pics of his). Damn shame he died at 28. Anyway then seriously considered starting lomography because id heard about it and it souds really cool but its hard to get the cameras for it, but the shop is in vienna. Decided that even though its cheaper to get the cameras in vienna its still too expensive to get into at the moment, and will save my pennies.  Then  checked out a heap of architectural tourist attractions (St. Stephensdome, Parliament, Burgentheatre etc. and a number of important looking buildings i have no idea what theyre called.) then jumped on a tram to see the rest of vienna. The architecture in vienna although pretty, is quite monotenous. Its like traveling through one giant wedding cake.
 Went to a coffee house and had sachretorte and coffee then briefly checked out the hofburg and wrote in my journal and read a book in the volks-garden (ironically enough im reading Karl Marx at the moment). 
That will do me for austria and tomorrow im going somewhere new. Im not sure where im going yet – but budapest sounds interesting, will decide some time tonight :).



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9 09 2005

Hey Tom!I\’m loving the pics of italy and vienna (partically cinque terre,stunning).Great to hear you liked Klimt!!!By the way,looking good!The bald as a babies butt look suits you.: )Take care…Stella.

10 09 2005

Hey man,shaved head looks good, it helps make ur head look smaller (something needs too hahaha) i liked teh moe though, it was fresh!peacescotty

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