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16 09 2005
I read this book at the start of my trip called "Growth Fetish"  by Clive Hamilton and alot of my thinking has been influenced by it. My last entry was taking his ideas further and applying them to my personal situation and what i have seen.  As luck would have it i dont have to because chapters from his book are freely available on the web! This is one of the best books ive ever read so take the time to have a look. Íf u really dont have long at least check out the 2nd and 3rd chapters. Do it!  
Check out Clive Hamiltons website
Or else go straight to the chapters:
2nd Chapter – Growth and Wellbeing
3rd Chapter  – Identity



4 responses

17 09 2005

last entry?? when u coming home bro?? i thought u were there till feb??hit me up!

19 09 2005
How youuuu doing

You nerd. ( But I always did like that about you). Good to see you\’re still as sharp as ever and that the constant travelling, partying and drinking hasn\’t dulled your wits. Stay safe. Love Lannhi

20 09 2005

hi, stumbled across your space on msn, and noticed your reference to Growth Fetish. I agree with you, its a great book. Its premises are so simple to execute, but yet people are still skeptical. I went to the book launch of Growth Fetish, and it was amazing, people gettting really worked up and arguing with the authors, at which point the authors would shoot them down methodically.Good taste, enjoy your travels!Bonnie

20 09 2005

Me again, thanks for your comment, I will definitely check out more on Carl Rogers and his person centred therapy, thanks for the tip. Loving your travel blogs as well. I\’m planning to start travelling next year sometime and finding your insights about Europe very inspiring! A damn sight better than "2dai i went 2 da shopz + got sum fully sik cdz" (yes, this blog actually exists…be afraid for the future of humankind) Keep up the good work!

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