Munich and Oktoberfest

20 09 2005
Oh yes Oktoberfest  – the biggest beer festival in the wooorld!!  Thats right people the big one for all the boys.
Munichs population 1.3 million has over 7 million visitors throughout the oktoberfest – thats just insane.
Rock up to Munich Central Station with no place to stay. I already know before i arrive that all accomadation has been booked out for the last 6 months, campsites are reported to be packed already. So what do i do? – call the first place in the lonely planet and get a bed straight away! – couldnt believe it.
Anyway caught up with tristan and the boys and tristan took us on the tour he was running, was a bloody good tour and munich is an interesting place. AFter seeing the sites with tritta it was time to indulge in the reason we were all there – BEER.
Given its the worlds biggest beer festival  – getting a beer is actually quite hard, and expensive. Firstly to get into a beer tent is a feat in itself. Owen and alex were in line for 3 hours on the first day, and when we went on the secound day we had to negotiate with a  big beer bellied burly bastard of a bavarian bouncer (im sorry. no more alliteration –  i promise) who was not letting anyone in. Finally get in and have to have a table to order a beer – but the tables are packed so have to ask someone sitting at a table to order beer for you – each stein was  7euro (about $11 aussie)and because its so packed u need to to tip big for each drink so that the waiters actually come back the next time!
That said it way a fantastic time.
The atmosphere was awesome, the beer is the best ive tasted,  and it was was awesome to catch up with my mates again for one MASSIVE pissup – those steins hold a litre of beer per glass so after the first couple we were all well on our way. Lots of germans in funny outfit and merriment had by all. Lots of aussies acting very badly but i wont pay them out because i too was a drunken oktoberfest tourist. Many antics and adventures both at the oktoberfest and one particular nights long trip  – yes it was alot of fun. what was not fun the biggest – now ive had some pretty spectacular falls in my time but this one takes the cake – involuntarily taking a dive and somersaulting head over heels the whole way down a MASSIVE escalator was not the most pleasant experience! Actually i cant believe i didnt end up in hospital and was able to get up and walk away with only a few scratches a sore knee and a bruise.
Besides Oktoberfest, munich is a gorgeous city – plenty to see and do here. I can see why tristan decided to live here – clean, friendly people, beautiful parks, great nightlife, great beer –  just a great place.



2 responses

21 09 2005

Sorry to hear u took a dive tommy! But, lets be honest, if anyone was going to make a fool of himself internationally, and not get hurt (so it is still funny and not tragic) it would be u!Too bad oktoberfest is moderately overrated ey! That sucks!keep updating man! Loving the antics, and if ur gonna call me, remember, i am 14 hrs behind melbourne time, so i guess u base ur time off that, so ut may help!Love scotty

23 09 2005

howis it that when u travel so far away, u still manage to see ppl u know! Crazy,first sarah, now sehusen and stucky! That is fucked!

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