Living in London!

3 10 2005
Ok! well after a long hard think ive decided to do as every other Aussie/Kiwi/Saffa has done and live it up in london! It was hard to decide between london and manchester but because there are so many other people that have done it and are doing it there are services,  websites to find a flatshare to organisations to help get set up with bank accounts. Things which make  london easier to get set up in.Also its easy to meet people because theres heaps of people going through the same thing as i will be, and london seems to be a right of passage before moving elsewhere.I naturally favor going against the trend, but too many good reasons to start up in london – not least of which is how cool the city is! I havent been here long but its a cool happening city with a large expat crowd who know how to have fun.
 Also its so nice to be in an english speaking country again. I can understand the services announcements at train stations, ask people for directions, ask questions about products when buying them, know what people are laughing at (and know whteher that thing is me) and a whole lot of other little luxuries that one takes for granted before traveling. Like being able to understand the signs and even the advertising is a pleasant relief and after 3 months of not being able to – im now reading every billboard i pass.
Anyway i have had a few hilarious hotel stories which would take far too long to write – but im now in a fairly decent one – with toilets that work, no bed bugs, and no crazy looking massive african men in my room that talk and laugh to themselves. Im now staying in a hostel until i can find something more permanent. There is a very long list of things that have to be done before i can even begin looking for a place to live, and its strange how hard it is to certain things which are relatively simple in australia. Like getting a bank account – ud think theyd be clamouring for my business. No way it takes alot of people who come here weeks or even MONTHS of concerted effort to open an account. And thats only the first thing on the list! The people in my hostel have been there for between 2 months and 6 months!
I dont think ill be there that long though (at least i hope not), but might be there a little while from talking to those guys. The holiday/travel part of my journey has come to an end. Now its time to settle down for a while. Firstly i need a job because London is ridiculously EXPENSIVE. Everything looks like it costs the same – until you realise its in brittish pounds not aussie dollars – so multiply the cost of everything by 2 and a half!!! So i need a job that pays in pounds pronto. Tomorrow the hunt begins!



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3 10 2005

Good luck with the hunt man! let me know what you end up doing! Glad ur all settled in! Hope you meet some people to enjoy your time with ASAP, nothing like some comoft n a strange place ey!love scotty

3 10 2005

😐 damn you! i dont think in 6 years i\’ll have gone to ANY of the places you have been.. hell i dont even know what i want to do with mylife! lol but yeah, your living my dream life so i hope your enjoying yourself 😛 take care. byes, xx

6 10 2005

Hope all is still going well duder! Drop me a line, aka Email or someshit, let me know how the intricate details of ur trip r going!love scotty

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