Tom Hallam – ‘Proffesional Lab Rat’

4 11 2005
I wrote this around the  22nd of October but wasn’t able to upload it.

Well its been a long time since i’ve written in this blog. I guess
its because i’ve been spending more time writing in my journal. Writing
for myself I allows for a deeper, more honest reflection.

To briefly fill in the time since my last entry, I have been in london
spending the majority of my time looking for a job. This has been more
difficult than I would have liked, in partbecause I am fussy. I want to
work in social care- taking care and providing a home for young people
who cannot live at home. I’ve been doing this kind of work for 3 years
previously which is a fair amount of experience given that the average
person who finishes a degree in social work will only stay in the
industry for 6 months. A lot of people have said they want me – but I
have to wait for a special police clearance, coz i’m working with
vulnarable kids. This check has to go through the uk beurocracy, then
sent over to the aussie beurocracy and then back to the uk beurocracy
before I am approved which will take 6-8 weeks! That’s two months
without being able to work in the field! I can’t afford to wait that
long and so have been looking at employers who will give me the benefit
of the doubt and get the check once i’m working – much harder to find

So one thing has lead to another and to cut a long story short in the mean time iam making a living as a proffesinal lab rat.

That’s right Thomas Hallam- proffesional lab rat. I’m in a medical
trial for a new hayfever medicatoin. ITs actually a pretty good deal.
are really good. I’m having no side affects what so ever (Ithink i got
placebo) and all i have to do all day is read playplaystation2, xbox
and watch cable or play pool. That and there’s a bevy of pretty nurses to attend to my needs. So yeah it’s cool in here. Anyway I will be coming out onthe 4th November and hopefully have a few interviews lined up. Other than that i’m just

it easy and gettin paid. Trials are paying 100 pound a day – about $1800 Aussie bucks a week tax
free and i don’t have to pay for food or accomadation, which is sweet.
So yeah being exploited byGlaxoSmithKlein isn’t as bad as its made out
to be at all.Although they may make hundreds ofmillions off this
research and my [ay is paltry in comparison -its better than being
exploited in unskilled work likealot of other aussies here. Many are
getting as little as  5pounds an
hour.. That’s ridiculous illegal exploitation- but ithappens- a lot over here. I don’t know how those guys survive.

Actually i’m enjoying being able to get a lot of reading in and i’veI have
arranged a couple of interviews with companies that will let me work
without the CRB, so hopefully it works out withthem – otherwise i’ll
wind up doing unskilled jobs over here like telesales or labouring
which isn’t my idea of a fulfilling job.




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