did i say that?

9 11 2005
Erm… yes… that last entry got heavy quickly… probably has something to do with the lack of sleep for two days… looks a bit embarrasing now but i’ll keep it up there just for the record.. The latest Travel stuff is down there below the latest  navel gazing indulgance of my ego. So if it is too heavy/boring please just skip it. If you do read it – it’s ideas’s are a bit like a rubics cube –  whilst fun for some to play with, to many  others its just a colourful yet pointless and frustrating mish mash which doesn’t come together the way its supposed to and is best thrown at something. Althuogh its not as fun as a rubics cube – i like rubics cubes… there so bright and colourful and shiny. ‘Ooooh shiny things….’
<runs off in search of a new shiny toy to distract himself from the flaws in his charecter and society –  an iPod nano will do…>



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9 11 2005

i hate rubics cubes… they shit me off 😦

10 11 2005

I seemed to be cursed when it comes to puzzles and the rubiks cube started the whole thing. On one particularly boring day i pulled out the family rubiks cube and proceeded to attempt to line up those small colourful blocks. After twenty minutes, frustration began to set in. Thirty minutes after that and one rubiks cube thrown across the wall, I had finally had enough. Until a nefarious idea seeped between the cogs of my mind. I noticed that one of the stickers for the colours was slowly peeling off. As a wry smile erupted on my face I started to pick off the stickers and replace them on different sides. After five minutes of devious insanity I had solved the rubiks cube! All sides were the right colour! Granted I cheated massively, I thought it was brilliant. I ran off and claimed my brilliance to all I could find. Happy Days. Oh so I thought. The puzzle gods were angered that day. From that day on, I have not been able to complete any difficult puzzle at all. I have become puzzle deficient. Fear the rubiks cube and the power it brings-Si

10 11 2005

Dont worry man, i got it! I left a comment also!

10 11 2005

hey i got it too, you are very articulate, and don\’t let your mates ridicule you for it, they just wish they could express themselves so eloquently! thanks for visiting my site, re your comment, you can always make it private viewing (or invitation only) and say you are concentrating more on writing in your journal….but then the great unwashed would not be able to view your fantastic and informative blog and wonderful pics….its a hard one isnt it – knowing people can read so much not only about you, but of you, and there are some we just dont want doing that! anyway i have really enjoyed reading it, its so rare to see a gorgeous young man with a brain and the ability to get the words out.cheerslianne

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