Now in Scotland !

9 11 2005
Greetings from the bonnie banks of edinburgh, Scotland folks!
Let me give a little update of what i’ve been up to:
On a whim, booked a ticket to scotland. In the evening went out with Bongers  to see the annual bonfire and fireworks display who’s name and occasion i can’t remember. after this went out with alex and some of his mates to a very cool club on kings cross – imaginatively called… ‘the cross’. It cost 20pounds to get in and 5 pounds for a beer – which is heartbreaking when i convert it back to aussie dollars, (think $50 cover charge $12.50 a beer people!) but i’d had enough drinks on the way there not to think about that. A good night was had by all. Although the lighting in the club was good – too good. Girls looked fantastic in the club, but if anyone remembers the scene from ‘pirates of the carribean’ when the pirates can suddenly be seen as they really are under the moonlight (disgusting skeletons) – well i had a similar experience with a few of the girls at this club (disgusting skeletons with makeup applied with a trowel)… And the sound system! My ears were still ringing two days later. So i guess i got my moneys worth but not in the way i expected. But it was a good night out.
Ended up realising that i couldn’t get home and crashed on the floor atAlex’s house.
Gradually got up the next day and went shopping with alex for the biggest, greasiest recovery breakfast ever – which we managed to fry up around 3pm. Then just chilled watching dvd’s. given the big previous night and that i had to get up at 4am to catch my flight to scotland i probably should have gone to bed earlier than 12.30am..
Perhaps predictably – i slept straight through my alarm and woke around 10 – my flight had left at 8.15. After much chagrin and self loathing- i jumped on the internet and booked another ticket to scotland costing me again 10 pence. Wen’t out to the airport in the evening and made my way over here.
The plane was nearly empty.? I mean there were 3 or 4 air hostesses and two pilots and a plane….and bugger all travelers.  And i paid 10pence (25cents) for my ticket… How is this company making any money?
First impresion of edinburgh airport were not promosing – my bag came through the luggage conveyor ABSOLUTELY SATURATED!! I filed a complaint and got a report written for it – but i don’t know how i’m going to go with insurance….  I haven’t let it get me down though because On the upside – my first impressoin of Edinburgh was fantastic! I got a shuttle bus which dropped me off in the middle of the city and it was a 360 panorama of magnificent georgian architecture. I’m at a massive hostel now – it has an internet cafe, Big bar with pool, another lounge and tabble tenis tables, a gym, 3 tv rooms a SAUNA. Its got everything! And it only costs 8 pound a night! Weird thing is i’ve only seen 4 people here who arent staff… First the flight now the hostel… weird.
Wednesday (today)
Wen’t into town and tried a traditional scotch breakfast – sausages, eggs, baked beans hashbrowns  and something called a black pudding. It wasn’t really to my taste but i ate most of it anyway. Afterwards i asked what it was – "It’s Ox blood mixed with fat and then deep fried"… wonderful…
Resolved to do a little more research before again exploring scottish foods and set out into the city and was quickly  aquainted with another scottish tradition – crappy weather.
I spent the whole day walking through the city and saw the royal mile, scottish parliament, Tron Kirk, City Chambers, St. Giles Cathedral, Canongate Tolbooth and generally walked around the old town. I also came across the writers museum which was a tribute to Scottish writers notably Robert Burns, Walter Scott and R.L Stevenson.
Saw a quote from Stevenson which i resonate with:
‘Youth is the time to go flashing from one end of the world to the other, both in mind and body; to try the manners of different nations’.
I had tea at ‘the last drop’ outside this pub is where exectutions used to take place and they would traditionaly give the person a last drink inside this pub before hanging them. Was actually a nice place.Later had another Scotish delicacy – Haggis; which is the chopped lungs, hear and liver of a sheep mixed with oatmeal and onion and cooked in the sheeps own stomach. It actually tasts really good!
Later on i went on a graveyard tour which went ino the greyfriars graveyard. The guide was great and primed us before we went right into the centre the most well documented cases of paranormal activity in the world (google it if your interested). The poltergeist of bloody mckenzie has ‘interacted’ with hundreds of people over the last 6 years. Since the tour company i went with is the only one with access to the sight now most have been on their tours and they keep a cound of interactions – in the last 6 years 536 people have had blackouts in his musoleum and hundreds more have been scratched or bruised. After going into the locked section we actually went into the crypt of bloody Mckenzie. I did have a weird feeling being in this crypt – a real tightness in my chest, but no interaction with the poltergeist.  But the guy next to me was really freaking out, feeling cold and was feeling stuff. He said he felt something like a cobweb over his face and when we came out in the light there was a very very  slight scratch mark under his eye. But he could have had that scratch before and been jerking our chain.
However One method poltergeists supposedly use to attack people is to create a cold spot around a person and if they stay there too long they will black out.A nd one girl screamed and tried to move away from where she was and if you went near there it was heaps colder than the rest of the room.  Freaky stuff…



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9 11 2005

Hey there thomas,Well u don\’t know me but i would like to get to know u? My addy is

10 11 2005

Hi Tom, thanks for your kind comment.I love this "on a whim" stuff…. it\’s great. Sounds like a ghost town in Edinburgh! wow… and liking your description of the girls "disgusting skeletons with make-up applied with a trowel"… nice imagery! Sad fact is that it\’ true! This trowel technique must be outlawed!Can\’t imagine paying a $50 cover charge… I whinge enough about $20 in Sydney, only because those places in Sydney are generally not as good as those with NO cover charge!Have fun…Bonnie*

10 11 2005

Tommy man. dig the trip to scotland, but, i thought u were smart! never eat anything that u dont know what is in it! Stupid ass!and, how did u get a 25cent ticket on a plane?? Scotland sounds rad!

13 11 2005

Hey man, was reading scottys blog and thought id just let you know that we are reading your blog – its just our lives are a lot more bland and uninteresting than yours! Great stuff mate, sounds like your having an awesome time! Keep it up!

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