Scotish ‘Picts’

11 11 2005
Ok posted up some photo’s from scotland and the day after big night out in england. Gotcha alex – should’ve known better than to buy a top with a zip down the arm and turning your back on me whilst wearing it? Thats just silly. muhahah. Edingburgh is beautiful and as usual my photo’s don’t do it justice. Just a quick one as i’m not at an internet cafe i can hack and the price of  internet (and everything else here) is daylight robbery. Actually daylight robbery was litteraly invented here. The king used to charge a tax for every window in your home  – they made you pay for sunlight, so many people couldnt afford it and had to brick up their windows! So yeah they charge you for everything here!
Will update where its cheaper..



3 responses

13 11 2005

Hey Tom–here\’s a comment, as requested! I just arrived in Oxford after a very long train ride and I will write something more coherent later. Hope you\’re enjoying Glasgow!

15 11 2005

Hey tombo, Humph! Dont u criticise me for not writing any comments in here, before ur ludicrous letter it had not even occurred to me to enter in a comment! When I sat down (about 2 mins ago) I didn\’t even know how to comment! (of course, being highly technological and genius i soon spotted the \’comment\’ button and cleverly figured it out). But yeh! So pfft to you! It\’s actually YOUR faul tombo, i wish u HAD\’VE told me, then i would\’ve bin writing comments all this time and it would\’a bin real cool! but NOOOOO not u thomas hallam. u didnt give any notification, then BANG. shoot me down with a letter labelling me \’LAZY\’. Well humph. . . umm. . . now i think ill write u an Email . Farewell.

18 11 2005

hey there… just randomly dropping by to check out ur space… looking good.hey, luv all the photos! they are sweet as… enjoy ur travels….

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