5 12 2005
I’ve got well and truly behind with my blog. I’m better off living for now than spending all my time updating my blog.. Ok so i’m skipping over all of Kom Obo, Edfu and luxor and moving straight to dahab. Quite a few stories to tell but as i don’t have the time and they say a picture is worth a thousand words these pics of dahab where i’m currently residing will have to suffice. When i get time i’ll come back to fill this in (maybe..if i get time).It’s been a fantastic time here in dahab just relaxing on the beach and scuba diving in the red sea all day. I love scuba diving, it’s like entering a dream world.  You are weightless and can control your vertical movement just throuh your breath – which gives me the impression of levitating at will through a fantastic landscape of weird and wonderful life-forms. 
Yesterday was not nearly so magical however as i’ve been getting over a very dodgy shish kebab i ate the other day – i should have known better as soon as i saw it. Been a not so pleasant 24 hours. I nearly made it 6 months traveling without getting sick once.. was probably too much to hope for.  Other than that Dahab is grand. I’ve been hanging out with a group thats been together through edfu, luxor and now dahab – great people and we’re going to catch up back in melbourne as two of them live in ringwood (1 went to aquinas 2 years up from me – yet another small world phenomenon). They’ve all had to go  now though and tomorrow i too leave this. leaving for Sharm el-sheik to catch a plane back to london and then on to the big apple.



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7 12 2005

hey tom, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your awesome travel tales, they are so entertaining and the photos just blow me away. how country is this, i actually thought the pyramids were SMOOTH until i learned otherwise from YOUR travels, woo-ee! there\’s a pic where 4 carved pharaohs (or whatever) are sitting on their thrones outside a pyramid, but one seems to have disappeared, do you know what happened (not implying you had anything to do with it of course……)you are a brave guy to tackle all these different cultures with little protection other than your own common sense, i really admire that and congratulate you. not to mention having to drag yourself away to blog for US, so thank you again.i will continue to check in and see what you are up to….take care and i hope you keep having fun, lianne

9 12 2005

how come you get to have all the fun, leave some for when ur lil cuz goes overseas!!!!!(one day)

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