The Big Apple

11 12 2005
Hey guys,
Coming to you now from the big apple! Thats right New York! And it’s FREEZING!!!! Coming from sunny dahab where it was a balmy 25-27 degree’s every day and stepping out of the airport into -4. OMG! I now know what my sister means when she says it’s ‘cold enough to make you cry’. I didn’t cry… but i did pout a few times.
The other thing was it was so cold i kept getting involuntary cold shivers.. violent cold shivers  jerked my head to the side and my face would twitch… i couldn’t help this – i must have looked like a psycho and was getting a few concerned sideways glances. On the upside when it’s that cold i am much more efficient – i walk really fast everywhere and keep on moving jsut to keep warm.
I eventually got on the train and got to my hostel in harlem. Harlem.. when i found out it was in harlem i got kinda worried.. i’d heard ‘things’ about harlem – mostly gangsta rap things about ‘cappin’ whitey in da ass’. Turns out my hostel is located next to the manhattan project -as in the housing verison not the nuclear version. But it’s not that bad really.
I have nowhere near enough time to see new york properly. This is a city i would love to live for  a while.  Theres so much happening here. And it’s concentrated in such a small space. Manhattan would be an awesome place to live.. for a semester.. in the summer.
Details are so sketchy already!
I started out on the 8th and checked out the empire state building and the view from its observatory over all of NY. Then walked down broadway to the first skyscraper built in NY and through a park to an artistic market that was running. Then went
Then went over to times square and scrambled around to find out where to buy cheap broadway tickets. Finally found the place and turns out that its a quarter of the price to see a musical if students turn up at the door within the last hour. Raced across to the theatre where the producers was just about to start and scored a ticket. I walked in just as the opening music began. The producers by mel brooks, has been so sucessful that it’s been turned into a movie which is being released in New York this month. It was easily the most enjoyable musical i’d seen to this point.
I’m skipping massive chunks of what i’ve been up to.
I went to the UN on new yorks east side(if you want to be technical it’s not new york, its not even as the land the UN is on has been annexed from the united states as an international zone – with its own security, fire service and postal service!). Went on a tour through there and then made my way to the other side of town to catch a ferry tour around manhattan. This was nice and got to see all the sights from the water. Also went out to the Statue of Liberty – which is alot smaller than i thought it would be.
The fact that i’ve been doing my own informal version of supersize me whilst in New York doesnt help. It’s not just McDonalds i can eat – just American fastfood that we don’t have in australia. So i’ve been eating double glazed, double choclate donuts, giant pretzels, chicken from Mcdonalds.
….I always start with far too much detail for the limited time i have on an internet cafe computer… especially as i talked with fam for about an hour.. I didn’t finish my last attempt at a low down on what i’ve been doing and i don’t think i’d have time to do one here. Remember the girl i know from home who i randomly met up with in spain? Well it happened AGAIN!!! This time in our hostel in NYC. What are the chances of that?? Seriously!? I’m off to catch up with her now.
 So perhaps when things slow down a bit – (ie. when i’m back in australia, i’ll try for a post trip blog update…. I WISH my pda keyboard was working.. it broke again. I’ve so much i would like to write up here.. I don’t think i’ll stop blogging when i get back to melbourne – i think the quantity and quality will actually increase because i have awakened in me a desire to look around and observe and then to write on what i see. Because then i’ll have internet readily available. I really should write what i’ve been up to… but it will cost too much money and i’d rather be out on the town in NYC – so here are a few photo’s to help summarise some of  what i’ve been up to.
Note to all! I’ll be back in Melbourne in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!!!



3 responses

11 12 2005

hey!Big Apple sounds (and looks) intense…!! Photos great too… I love the one with the criss-cross lines of the bridge and the one with the "arbitrary detention" poster… Have fun!Bonnie*

12 12 2005

hey man,i totally understand the whole supersize me thing while in america, i have been like that for the last 2 mths, it is horrid, and i feel ordinary!but now lane is here so i am eating a bit better. scotty home in 1.5 weeks!

13 12 2005

LOVE your photos, it\’s so refreshing to see someone\’s personal vision rather than a travel brochure with all the usual suspects trotted out in perfect form. I particularly liked the one of the building standing on its lonesome on the corner. And you\’re right, the Statue of Liberty does look smaller ha!Thanks for blogging your delightful adventures, I have really enjoyed reading about them and hope you will continue when you get home. Have a safe trip back!

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