3 01 2006
What an awesome start to the year…



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5 01 2006

A rather lengthy and informative, not to mention riveting, time consuming and interesting blog post there Tom….! (haha)Glad to hear you had an awesome start to the year though.Hope you\’re having lots of fun, assimilating to normal life again…. and that your festive season was wonderfully and completely filled with fun times and fun people.I\’m still sick, but it\’s slowly getting better, so I was able to have a drink on New Year for the first time in 2 weeks (woo hoo), and I\’m eating again, which is good too! Otherwise all is well and I\’ve been busy catching up with everyone I couldn\’t see when I was doing my Japanese course…. life is great!Hope to see more on here soon!(not that I can talk, I\’ve been rather lazy with my blog lately…) Bonnie*

5 01 2006

Haha, what do they say about sarcasm? No your right perhaps that may not have been my finest post… I\’m sorry to hear your still sick, you poor thing. I hope you get better soon. At least you have more time now that you\’ve finsihed your course. And at least your sickness was polite enough to wait until after your final exams. Hope you get better soon and for your sake i\’ll endeavour to lift raise the standard of my blogging entries above this one (which shouldnt be too difficult…).

6 01 2006
How youuuu doing

I\’ve been asking everyone I know that went to SummerDayze if they saw a big tall guy wearing a bathrobe. So far it\’s been no, ha ha. Glad you had fun on New Years Day.

12 01 2006

Welcome back to Australia, but I have to say I\’m going to miss living vicariously through your blog entries about exotic places. Oh, and thanks to your oh-so-inspiring comment I didn\’t delete my blog like I was actually intending to. So yay for you existing 😉

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