I’m Back (blogging that is)

18 01 2006

That’s right people I’m doing a Darryn Hinch -just when you think it’s finally over – he’s
back -annoying you with more of his opinionated diatribe.

I’d been wanting to blog for a while but just seemed to be
putting it off. Ironic really – I’ve been procrastinating about doing my favorite
procrastination activity.

I was even considering stopping blogging if it were not for the
persistent imploring of a few. Thankyou
to those people, your comments and emails are touching. Big shout out to bonnie
especially – without her persistence I may
not have continued blogging. So you know who to thank/hate now for the
continuation of this blog. Bonnie I promised to make this blog entry of a
slightly higher standard than the previous one however in my current state this
may be a challenge – as the current caliber of my thoughts is how many more
times I can use the word ‘blog’ in this paragraph…. Damn only once.

Yes people – I’m
obviously very tired. It’s 3 in the
morning and I haven’t had more than 3 hours sleep a night for the past 7 days.
This segues into my main excuse for not writing. I don’t have time for sleep – let
alone burdening the world with my rambling introspections! Although of course I’ve
still found time for procrastination.

I’ve got my old job
back caring for kids who aren’t able to live at home and have been spending a
lot of time doing that. I’m also doing a university subject over summer which
compresses 13 weeks worth of study into 13 days… Which means a helluva lot of
study every day.

So to give you an impression of my life lets take the last
24 hours.

3am (the day before) – working at a residential care unit
(started the shift much earlier in the evening.

8am – finish work
and drive over to a friends house to get a few hours sleep –

11am – after getting 2 and a half hours sleep (maybe) I
drive to uni for a tutorial

12 tutorial

3-5 lecture on project management

5.30 sleep for one
hour in my car at uni

6.30 head back to work start at 7 and go through till 2 in
the morning.

3am (now.) arrive
home decide to check favorite blogs and find that i’m still getting asked to keep blogging – and  decide to relent and  write this.

It’s been like this for the past week.

It’s been draining but it’s been very efficient. Theres been
heaps of study to be done and I’ve managed to do all of it whilst getting
working and so have completed 6 weeks worth of a university subject (including
all required and a lot of suggested reading) and made $1400 in under a week.

The reason I’m doing this?
Simple. I’m reacclimatising myself to the ‘I shop therefore I am’
mainstream culture and hence getting right back into the working hard to buy
things I don’t need mindset.

But seriously 6
months of traveling and only stopping at length in one of the most expensive
places on earth (London) hasn’t
done wonders for my bank balance.

Needing to buy a car didn’t help either. I’ve just aquired
a very nice VS commodore for 5 grand. I really like it , and it was a bargain price – but it’s
another 5 grand gone and now I’m in serious DEBT! I really don’t want to borrow
from my parents ever again – this has put me in serious debt to much less
accommodating lenders – ie. The banks. So I’ll keep this up for another week
and then ease back into a less hectic lifestyle. I would say ‘more normal’ but
life just doesn’t seem to do the whole ‘normal’ thing for me.

Speaking of lifestyle – the change to being back home has
been…’interesting’. My mum and dad read this blog (hi Mum!) so I’m not going to
elaborate too much further on this point and I appreciate the love and support
(free accomadation) of my family -but anyone who has moved out of home probably
understands to a small degree how I’m feeling. My personal space and freedom
has gone from the expanses of Europe and choosing whether to travel to Paris or
Vienna based on the weather, doing what I liked, when I liked, where I liked
with whoever I liked – to fitting back into the shoebox that is my room at my
parents house. It’s a little cramped.

And that leads into my next piece of news – Having been back
home – I’m moving out! I’ll be moving
out with my mate evan and my cousin brad in the not all too distant future.
Meaning yes we’ve set a date to move out but i’m averse to publishing it in
case it doesn’t come to fruition at that time. I hate saying I’m going to do
something and then not doing it.

There are so many people who talk a good game but never actually
do it. Whenever I speak with these people they tell me all the exciting things
they are going to do and then I catch
up with them a 6 months later they’re in exactly the same position they were
last time. . There are so many who talk and
so few that actually do. I
hate saying I’m going to do something and then not doing it. So yes at some
time in the not too distant future I’ll be out of home again.

Ok so I’m going to go to bed now. This is the first night in
a while I’ve got home before 8 in the morning and I don’t want this blog entry
to stop me getting a few more precious hours of sleep.




8 responses

19 01 2006

No, it can\’t be?Do my eyes decieve me? Surely they do… unless this is actually a blog entry from Tom… wow…!(rubs eyes)ok, still here….seems real…(tap tap)hrmm.I\’ll have no choice but to comment then!So, sarcasm aside… (sorry, couldnt help myself) ..glad to see you back, and glad to hear all is well. Old job back sounds good, and moving out sounds promising, I know how much people like you and I value our independance. I haven\’t lived at "home" with my mum (where ever she happened to live that week) for about five years now… and asit\’s been a wonderful five years.Good on you for having the motivation and sheer bloody stamina to get that much work and study done… thats wonderful! Wish I had even HALF of that stamina… working 4 days, tutoring one day, and looking for night work, the entirity of which does not even amount to regular full-time hours, and i\’m pooped! So more power to you!(though in my defense, i\’ve been sick and my immune system is only just now recovering and getting used to the idea of eating and stuff… also, i\’ve been getting increasingly involved in politics here, meetings and stuff…)So, I assume you got my rather random email… write back sometime when you get a spare minute or three… I\’m interested to know you\’re opinion on the matter.Anyway, all set for Japan, its GOING to happen… hopefully around June or so.On a side note, hooray for Jessica of Tangledville, aren\’t her random musings wonderful… I knew you\’d like them!Take care, don\’t work tooo hard, and hope to hear from you soon!Bonnie*

20 01 2006

Excellent 😉 You\’re back. The whole lack of sleep thing sounds crazy. Last night I dreamt I was piloting an elongated hot air balloon which contained every cartoon and comic book character created… and a scared looking Steven Seagal. My mission was to sail low through the mechanical waters of a futuristic gnome race and periodically leap around injecting some kind of doom serum into the spiders which were weaving themselves from the woven basket we were in. I was victorious, but didn’t feel as though I’d slept at all. Welcome back!

22 01 2006

Hey Mate,Good to see you\’ve slotted in nicely back into the whole Melbourne Grind! Back to the work/Uni/Family – All the things that were really great to get away from but now that your back you realise its great to be back amongst it all but you didnt really miss them that much.Or something – I\’m not as deep as you are BT ;-)Havn\’t slotted back into the working grind like you just yet, as far as im concerned I was supposed to be back March 6th so anything that happens between now and then is still holidays so I\’m loving life at the moment!Good to see your still blogging – In a way it becomes addictive to keep letting the world know what your up to!Will catch up with you soon BTCheersBongers

22 01 2006

tommy, i have lost my phone, so i wanna catch up but i dont know when, like u, work has taken priority at the minute to save up money from america! So, i dont know when, how or where, but i do wanna c u, i am staying at hunters house, he wants to see u also, so if u want to get onto me, call him and we will make the magic happen, so much to talk about!much love man!

22 01 2006

and where is my blog on ur blog list?? am i no longer any good and have been removed, ur a hussy!!

8 02 2006

Hey Tom,
just dropping by to say hi and whatnot.. hope all is progressing as it should and things are becoming less crazy for you! A man can only survive on next to no sleep for so long!
Keep well!

15 02 2006

…if you don\’t add new blog entries how am I supposed to thank you for all the excellent, insightful and laughter inspiring comments you leave me?

19 02 2006

I agree with Jess!
Come back Tom!
(even though I write bloog entries very rarely…. I still think you should write more often than NOT AT ALL!)
Hoping all is well,

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