Wah? A few Thailand photo’s

8 04 2006
One or two people have said they wanted to see more travel photo’s. I want to show them too – theres just the tiny problem … my poor little piggy bank is pooped and wont be taking me anywhere soon..
Answer – Here are a few photo’s from my trip to Thailand. Back when i was experiencing my first quarter life crisis ( i’ve been fortunate enough to have a few since then). I’d just finished up working for 6 months at IBM as a Data analst (aka number-crunching slave)and during that time i decieded pulled out of my scholarship and went traveling after finishing up at IBM.
Far to much to write about. among which rather than just have a few people view my rantings i’m writing for the student magazine at uni now. So my writing procrastination¬† has a new focus!
Random updates from time to time…hopefully..